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Dr Nasrin Haque and her daughter Photograph: Dr Nasrin Haque Australian Associated Press Friday 24 February 2017 22.58EST A 16-year-old girl with autism, whose application for permanent Australian residency was allegedly rejected over her moderate developmental delay, has been spared imminent deportation. Sydney schoolgirl Sumaya Bhuiyan has autism spectrum disorder and, according to the Australian Medical Association, her application in 2013 for permanent residency was rejected as her condition was considered too burdensome for taxpayers. Sumaya, the daughter of GP Nasrin Haque, has lived in Australia for eight years. It was the same day Haque had to book plane tickets out of the country and show them to the immigration department, it is learnt. The minister has decided to grant Sumaya a permanent resident visa and has begun consideration of permanent resident visas for Dr Haque and her son, subject to the usual health and character checks, a spokesman said. Frankum welcomed the backflip as the only humane and decent decision. For this girls welfare and for the whole family, I think, this is the only outcome that was going to be the right one, he said. I lament the fact that it ever got this point but at least the right thing has happened eventually.